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I Tried To Tell You -LIFE

Life can be so funny at times. Then there are those times that it is REAL. RAW and REAL. Times when life shakes you up just to put things into perspective. Over the years I’ve realized that it has a way of revealing the very things that you fought so hard to stay blind too. Giving the very things that you turned a deaf ear to a powerful voice. Life has a way of capturing our attentions. I know that I am not alone when I say that life has revealed a multitude of things to me. People that I thought would always be in my life -no longer are. The ones that I once felt added value to my life -didn’t nor ever could. Then there are those that I “just couldn’t stand.” No reason. I just felt a certain way about them. Maybe I felt that way because I thought they felt that way about me. Maybe it was my own insecurities.How could even bring myself to dislike someone without knowing them? I'm not sure but I was surely wrong. I’m woman enough to admit that now. Fast forward – I realized that we…

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