As the holiday nears I would like to give you all an appetizer. Remember the traditional family dinners?  We all have that one family member that has always had more, we all have that family member that has always had less. The haves and the have not's, the are's and the want to be's. However, no gathering has ever occurred to determine whom is whom or whom has what. All that matters at the end of the day are the memories that were made. The last time that I checked memories were free. They costs nothing to create and they costs nothing to cherish. The memories are the ties that bind. They put all things into perspective and remind us quickly that we are all one. We are FAMILY; different leaves on different branches that grow from the same familial tree. After the meal, the jokes, the singing, the laughter, the tears... everyone leaves satisfied. Not just full... SATISFIED and a bit more knowledgeable. I've always enjoyed the meal itself, but my favorite part of the e…

Welcome Back

Wow... has it really been a day shy of a one month since I have blogged? Yes, indeed it has been. When I first started this blog I posted more. My apologies for taking a break. I honestly didn't think I would receive as much support as I have. I honestly didn't think that my thoughts would catch the attention of as many readers as they have.  It was a way to connect with people all over the world. To inspire someone. To move someone. To give my thoughts a voice.  I'm still here. Still brilliant. Steady growing. A lot has happened within a month. INCREASES. Abundant blessings. My sincerest prayer is that you all have also experienced increases. However, if you’ve found yourself in what may appear to be a never-ending series of unfortunate events -I am warning you… GET READY! Life throws the fastest curveballs right before a homerun is hit! Thank you all for your patience and support. There’s much more to come… we haven’t struck out yet!

5 Second Rule

On The Other Side

Here we are... mid-September. It appears to be that this year has and continues to fly by. It literally feels as though tomorrow will be October. With that being said let’s discuss fear. It is my belief that the greatest fear of all is the fear of failure. No one wakes up and proclaims, “Today, I want to fail.” No one falls asleep at night and prays, “Dear Lord, tomorrow make me a failure.” I know that I don’t, never have and never will. However, failing is something that we all have done or will do at some point of our lives. Multiple times. There will be both unintentional and intentional failures that we shall all overcome. The hardest person to admit something to will always be yourself. That relationship, that job or that course. It was never meant for you to achieve all that you set out to accomplish. Some things, opportunities, endeavors are solely for learning. Teaching experiences. Foundations of growth.There is always a purpose. Do not give up. Do not give in. Do not let fea…

Lights Off, Lights On

definition: YOUR being - whatsoever you believe to be good for the nurturing of your spirit. If someone gave you the authority to do whatever you wanted (anything that would positively affect YOUR being) with the promise of no repercussions, no judgments no feelings of insecurity… what would you do? A few days after Hurricane Irma and a few days spent without power made me question something. No power means no or limited ties to things of the world. During a power outage, we are at the mercy of man. What… wait a minute is that true?Somewhat… when we allow man to control our current situation. The fact that there is no power controls how we feel. It controls how we react to certain situations. When power is restored we thank the power company or the lineman and go  about our daily routines of being “great” all because a switch was turned on. Now don’t get me wrong I have much respect for the men and woman that work 24 hours a day to get power restored as well as first responders, office…

Through The Fire

Things we lose in the fire. Spiritual things, materialistic things, physical things, pieces of us… they all are. We hold on to these things, whatever they may be. Whatever they currently are. We cling to them. At times they consume us. Then along comes the fire. Turmoil. Depression. Stress. Everyday occurrences that make us question it all. Occurrences that make us question ourselves and even those around us. We all have been there and if you have yet to be there… as the elders would say, "Keep on living.” The fire will surely come. This too shall pass. Have you ever witnessed a control or prescribed burn? These fires are a technique used in farming and forest management. These fires are restoration. They renew and they rehabilitate. Afterwards the land is left in ashes, everything looks gloomy. A song comes to mind when I think of scenery… Beauty for Ashes by Tye Tribbet.The forest suffers the most terrible event only to come back filled with an abundance of growth and beauty. T…

Welcome Home

Every action and reaction begins with a thought. The sad, cold, hard truth.  The only crime in hurting someone is the clear fact that there was no consideration of how an action would affect them. Senseless. Ruthless. Savage. Reality. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it until breath leaves my body, “No one is required to love, honor or respect you.” People have choices, just as you do. How many of us would allow strangers to vandalize or home? How many of us would allow strangers to loot the dwelling that we created for solitude and safety. The phrases, “it all starts at home” or “take care of home first.” A ton of truth is held within those simple phrases. It really does start at home. Within. Your body is a temple. It is home. Don’t assign the responsibility of taking care of your home to others. Don’t expect others to do for you what you are not willing to do for yourself. Teach people how to treat you by demonstrating the respect that you have for yourself. Show peop…