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There are no words. As a being I am concerned as a parent I am connected. Active shooter I don’t even want to imagine the pain, the fear or the grief. Something has to be done soon. As I watch and listen to various news reports my heart literally shatters. Tears sting my eyes. Someone’s grandchild. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s son. Someone’s mate. A ripple effect of never-ending pain. Why? I have always tried to love my children to the best of my ability. To care for them and keep them safe from harm. Sadly, no matter how much I try, how many times that I have succeeded, tomorrow is unknown. Next week is unknown, next month is unknown, next year is unknown. This world is so cruel. As a child I can remember joking with friends but when an adult came around, the voices lowered and stopped to great the approaching adult. Respect. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked through the aisles of a store and heard teenagers curse and while I am not a senior I am an elder to them. Disrega…

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